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The repercussions of catastrophic workplace injuries

If you have suffered a catastrophic workplace injury, recovery can be a strenuous and challenging process -- not only for you but also for your family members. The love and support of spouses and other family members are vital throughout the process of rehabilitation. However, this might involve a myriad of emotions in all those close to you. The manner in which you and your family manage the all expectations and emotions can play a significant role in successful rehabilitation.

My doctor diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome

Do you experience tingling, numbness and pain in your wrists, fingers and forearms? It might start when you wake up. You need to shake your hands to regain normal feeling in them. As time goes on, your symptoms appear during the day too. Your dominant hand most likely experiences pain first since you use it most. Tasks you routinely perform at work become a challenge and often exacerbate the condition.

It can be hard to hear you suffer from work-related hearing loss

Did your doctor recently tell you that you suffer from work-related hearing loss? You just joined the large number of workers who suffer from one of the most prevalent workplace injuries here in California and elsewhere across the country. Whether caused by noise levels or chemicals where you work, this ailment changes your life, since reversing the damage remains a medical impossibility.

A breath of relief: Workers are protected from airborne danger

Thousands of workers around the country walk into danger every day of their lives. Some workers breathe in toxic airborne particles during their 8 to 4 job and may not even know it. One of these common airborne dangers called beryllium has recently been brought into the spotlight. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a rule earlier this month to lower exposure levels for workers around the nation. This new rule dramatically lowers the accepted levels of exposure to beryllium, protecting 62,000 workers in the U.S.

What is beryllium and does it affect me?

Beryllium is a common metal used in many industries. Workers are exposed by inhaling tiny metal particles through dust or fumes. Typical industries which can expose workers to beryllium are:

  • Computers
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial ceramics
  • Laboratory workers
  • Construction
  • Metal recycling
  • Metal forging/welding
  • Shipyards

Did you know PTSD could be work-related and compensable?

When you hear people discussing Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, you may think their conversation relates to military veterans. However, if you have suffered a traumatic injury at work -- or witnessed a tragedy involving co-workers -- you might also be a victim of PTSD. Treatment can be costly and lengthy, and you may be relieved to know that workers' compensation insurance covers PTSD.

KCNS Structured settlement: Is it right for you?

If you have suffered a permanent disability on the job in California, or you have been grief stricken by the sudden loss of an immediate family member under such circumstances, you may be wondering what is best regarding trying to get the financial help you need in recovery.

If your loved one died in a workplace accident, there is obviously no adequate way to replace your loss. You probably have difficulty just thinking beyond your grief and sorrow. In addition to the emotional trauma of your situation, you may be facing serious financial challenges in the aftermath of your loved one's tragic death. Especially if this particular family member was a major breadwinner in your home, you may be completely unprepared to meet unexpected costs and debt that have arisen since the accident took place.

When the unexpected happens at work

If you work outside the home in California, you're probably well aware that every job has ups, downs, good days and ones best forgotten.

Even if you work at a job that ranks among those most inherently dangerous, however, you likely don't expect to show up for work then wind up lying in the back of an ambulance because you've been seriously injured in an accident on the job.

An update on US worker safety stats

The good news is that OSHA has reported a drop in workplace injuries and illness for the 12th time in 13 years. While the numbers show a bright spot in worker safety and industry awareness, the numbers are still too high.

There were a total of 2.9 million reports, which comes to roughly 3 of every 100 workers. It's the lowest rate since 2002. Though OSHA is pleased with the decrease, there are questions about the accuracy of their findings and the reasons for the drop. As a whole, the federal agency is pleased with the numbers, but notes there is room for improvement.

Construction continues to be a very dangerous profession

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) just reported that on average, three million workers are injured on the job every year, and for approximately 4,500 workers those injuries are fatal. Year after year, the statistics regarding workplace dangers remain the same. What is the #1 cause of accidents? Falls.

Who gets injured or killed most often in workplace falls? Workers in the construction industry. Year after year. Despite numerous improvements and awareness of the problem, it's still far too dangerous for construction workers out there, given the statistics. Employers should take precautions, but often they do not, willing to take a chance with workers' safety-and their lives. Unfortunately, you often have to look out for yourself.

Interesting facts you may not know about workers' compensation

Did you know that workers' compensation is not only limited to on-the-job physical injury? That you can receive compensation for mental injury or for a work injury that occurs outside of the workplace? That you need also need to document everything? Here are the answers to the important questions you didn't know you should even be asking.

1. It is possible to get workers' compensation for a psychiatric or stress-related injury

Emotional and mental injuries are included under workers' compensation laws in the state of California. This kind of injury can be more difficult to prove because of scrutiny from employers and insurance companies. None-the-less it is probable and possible to receive compensation for mental injury.

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