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Keeping restaurant workers safe

Restaurant workers are an under-appreciated part of our society. They work long hours on their feet, put up with rude comments and difficult requests, manage a large number of tasks at once and somehow keep a smile on their faces whether they are serving, bussing, cooking or cleaning.

Why a structured settlement is a good option for workers' compensation

Any workers' compensation case can be eligible for what's called a "structured settlement." To help make sense of why this might be a good option in your case, consider some of the following facts. 

Stress and your job: Can you get workers' compensation?

It's no secret that a high-stress job can cause health issues. Chronic stress -- whether you are a firefighter or you work in an office -- may contribute to high blood pressure and other risk factors for heart issues, including heart disease, aneurisms and heart attacks. It can also cause anxiety disorders, depression, chronic headaches, digestive problems, dermatological disorders and more.

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