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Are you an actor hurt on the job? Your most important role ever

It's no secret that actors love variety and cherish each new role. An actor's resume can often include talents and skills that some of you may not have used, well, since childhood. Like riding a bike, or climbing a tree, or roller-skating. You're an actor and you can play anyone, but at some point your body may not always cooperate and through no fault of your own (they never asked how long it had been since you'd been water-skiing) you find yourself with a wrenched back, twisted ankle or broken arm.

You're an actor, and as such, you may wonder how you survive financially until you heal from your accident. Sure, your next role might write in that gash on your head, in fact maybe they even want you to play a brain-injured zombie and that bandage saves time in wardrobe. But, sadly, that is not often the case. So, are you forced to peddle magazine subscriptions like you did in your salad days, or it there some kind of help available?

Does Actor's Equity cover wage-loss?

Actor's Equity does want to know that you are hurt. In fact they have very specific protocol, including reporting your injury to your stage manager. Make sure an accident report is filed with the production company you're employed with. And get to a doctor! Even if you think you are okay, some injuries may not appear until weeks, or months, later.

Your union, however, cannot cover all wage losses from job injuries. Medical care and other treatment for job injuries, as well as lost wages, is covered under workers' compensation. Although you can try to navigate a workers' compensation claim on your own, working with a qualified workers' compensation attorney is your best opportunity for recovering full wage loss and ensuring all other bills related to your injury are paid.

If I'm not working, how can I pay for an attorney?

As if missing auditions weren't tough enough, you may be thinking, Well, an attorney would be great, but how can I pay for one if I am not working? Not to fear! Workers' compensation claims are taken by the attorney on a contingency basis, which in plain English means that you pay nothing to the attorney until your claim is settled.

If you're limping around--and you're not playing Tiny Tim--act like your future depends on getting the compensation you're entitled to. A visit with an attorney can answer all your questions about your financial future related to your injury, set your mind at ease and have you back on stage in no time.

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