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The repercussions of catastrophic workplace injuries

If you have suffered a catastrophic workplace injury, recovery can be a strenuous and challenging process -- not only for you but also for your family members. The love and support of spouses and other family members are vital throughout the process of rehabilitation. However, this might involve a myriad of emotions in all those close to you. The manner in which you and your family manage the all expectations and emotions can play a significant role in successful rehabilitation.

My doctor diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome

Do you experience tingling, numbness and pain in your wrists, fingers and forearms? It might start when you wake up. You need to shake your hands to regain normal feeling in them. As time goes on, your symptoms appear during the day too. Your dominant hand most likely experiences pain first since you use it most. Tasks you routinely perform at work become a challenge and often exacerbate the condition.

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