These are five of the most dangerous jobs in California

Everyone expects jobs like police work and firefighting to be dangerous, but you might be surprised that they are not considered among the top five, or even top ten, most dangerous professions in the U.S. That is because these professions have safety measures in place that help minmize risk.

So, what common California occupations make the list of most dangerous occupations? Here are five we found interesting.


Loggers work in isolated areas, use heavy equipment and often travel great distances on the road. This leads to the highest amount of fatalities in any occupation. The nature of the job puts loggers in danger of falling trees and branches. In addition, the terrain they work on is often uneven, subject to weather-related dangers such as mudslides, and the remote areas make medical help difficult to reach quickly.

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An update on US worker safety stats

The good news is that OSHA has reported a drop in workplace injuries and illness for the 12th time in 13 years. While the numbers show a bright spot in worker safety and industry awareness, the numbers are still too high.

There were a total of 2.9 million reports, which comes to roughly 3 of every 100 workers. It’s the lowest rate since 2002. Though OSHA is pleased with the decrease, there are questions about the accuracy of their findings and the reasons for the drop. As a whole, the federal agency is pleased with the numbers, but notes there is room for improvement.

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