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At KCNS Law Group, LLP, our team of skilled workers’ compensation attorneys puts decades of experience in the workers’ comp process to work, recovering the full amounts our clients are due. We are united in our commitment to help injured workers and individuals get the benefits they need to cover medical costs, ongoing treatment and lost wages.

If you’ve been injured in a work-place accident or suffer ongoing pain due to your job, we are dedicated to helping you recover the benefits you deserve. Call our Glendale, California, office today at 818-937-9255.

Recovering The Full Amount That Your Workers’ Comp Claim Is Worth

Our attorneys provide a broad range of background and experience related to workers’ compensation representation. This includes past work in insurance defense and workers’ comp defense, personal injury experience and decades of work in this field. Our firm is well known throughout the legal community for its abilities in workers’ compensation and its track record for success. Other firms and lawyers routinely refer clients to us, trusting our abilities.

We understand what the insurance industry is capable of doing with a claim, and our lawyers are committed to using our experience and abilities to prevent those companies and adjusters from paying injured workers less than they deserve.

Our firm uses a team approach on every case. While you will be assigned a specific lawyer and paralegal to communicate with, every attorney in the firm dedicates time and attention to your case, ensuring no detail is left unturned.

We understand just how important these benefits are to those who receive them, and we are motivated to helping injured workers achieve a more secure future.

Why Hire KCNS Law Group, LLP, To Represent Your Claim?

Many attorney’s at our firm have detailed knowledge and experience in both workers’ compensation applicant and defense, meaning we understand the tactics used by the insurance companies to deny claims, and we are equipped with potent strategies to counter them. We have handled complex litigation on expensive claims, forcing the insurance companies to pay the full amount due our clients, settling cases in the millions of dollars.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in every type of workers’ compensation case. We have seen every issue that could arise and our team has dealt with them as a firm. Few firms can provide that level of veteran knowledge and experience.

We do not settle for lowball settlement offers. We know the accurate value of each claim and are prepared to go to trial, if need be, to ensure our clients are paid the full amount that they are owed.

Catastrophic Injuries At Work — Getting The Full Amount Of Benefits You Deserve

The more severe the injury, the more difficult it is to recover the full amount that the claim is worth. Insurance companies realize they could be responsible for paying millions on a catastrophic claim and will fight aggressively to keep the cost of the claim down — often shorting injured workers at a time when they need benefits the most.

Our lawyers have worked in the defense world and know the measures adjusters will take to minimize the payout on a claim. We use tailored strategies to prevent this from happening to ensure our clients are paid exactly what they deserve.

We understand how to structure large settlements so that benefits will be paid out to the client over the course of his or her life, without complications from Medicare or other programs.

Please call our Glendale, California, law offices today to schedule a consultation to discuss your claim and learn your options. Contact us at 818-937-9255.

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We Can Help You

Workers’ Compensation Basics

Workers' compensation can be a very involved and intensive process, particularly if the injury was severe. Most workers are unable to work for at least some amount of time — some permanently. They are entitled to benefits for both the cost of medical treatment (immediate and ongoing) and the wages they lost while being unable to work.

What Is An Injury?

If you have experienced any kind of injury while at work or are suffering from ongoing pain or illness that you believe to be caused by your job, you may be eligible to file a workers' compensation claim and receive benefits. This includes both physical and psychiatric pain.

Serious Work Comp Injuries

When a serious or catastrophic injury happens at work, the injured worker and his or her family need the experience and skill of a firm focused solely on workers' compensation claims. These claims can be worth millions of dollars, and insurance companies work with top defense firms to aggressively fight paying the full amount the claim is worth.

Do I Need A Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

The outcome of you workers' compensation case could directly impact your career and your health for years to come. The manner in which your workers' comp claim is handled determines how much money you will receive to get the treatment you need to make the fullest recovery possible.