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Workers’ Compensation

  • Published: May 22, 2022

According to the CDC, workers exposed to extreme heat or workers whose duties require them to be in a hot environment are at risk of heat stress. Being exposed to extreme heat can lead to occupational illnesses and injuries. Additionally, workers who are overweight, have heart disease, have high blood pressure, take medication, or are 65 or older may be…Read More

  • Published: May 15, 2022

Nearly all California workers have the right to receive all wages for hours worked and overtime pay on time. When employers violate those rights, employers have the right to file a wage claim lawsuit. If an employer violates your wage rights, contact a California employment law lawyer who can help protect your rights. How to Calculate Overtime Pay in California…Read More

  • Published: May 8, 2022

Some employers may try to cheat the system for profit by misclassifying employees as “exempt” from certain employment rights and privileges, such as overtime pay. Some employers may purposefully misclassify employees in an attempt to defraud the system, and others may accidentally misclassify employees. Regardless of how the misclassification occurs, when employees don’t receive the pay or benefits they deserve…Read More

  • Published: May 1, 2022

Workers in California have a right to a safe and healthy work environment under the California Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). OSHA has established rules and regulations that employers must adhere to in order to keep employees from being injured or developing work-related illnesses. When employers fail to meet those standards, whether on purpose or accidentally, employees have a…Read More

  • Published: April 22, 2022

You can reverse the decision if your workers’ compensation claim is denied or rejected by your employer’s insurance company. In California, you can appeal the denial or rejection of your claim by requesting a hearing in front of the local Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board judge. The judge will hear both sides of the case and decide whether the insurance company…Read More

  • Published: April 15, 2022

In California, the law allows many employees to seek overtime payment when working more hours. Overtime wages are a form of additional payment given to employees who exceed their working hours for the day or week. When an employee is injured in a workplace accident, part of their workers’ comp benefits may be loss of wages which refers to the…Read More

  • Published: April 1, 2022

In theory, employees injured on the job, their employers, and the workers’ comp doctors should be working together to get the employee healthy and fully rehabilitated so they can get back to work. However, the process of workers’ compensation often creates tension and mistrust within the doctor-patient dynamic. Employers want workers back on the job as quickly as possible, and…Read More

  • Published: March 23, 2022

Strict California laws govern workers’ compensation benefits and coverage, and nearly every employee in the state is required to have coverage provided by their employer—including part-time workers. California law requires that every employer provide workers’ compensation to every employee full-time and part-time. Any employee who sustains an injury or illness caused by job-related duties will generally be able to receive…Read More

  • Published: March 16, 2022

Misrepresenting one’s job status while collecting temporary disability benefits is an example of workers’ compensation fraud. If you are hurt on the job and unable to continue performing the same type of work, you’re likely eligible for workers’ compensation. With an income reduction, you may be struggling to cover your rent or mortgage, utilities, and other essential expenses. If you…Read More

  • Published: March 9, 2022

Sole proprietors, freelancers, or any self-employed individuals do not have to buy workers’ compensation coverage. Therefore, self-employed people may not believe they have access to California’s workers’ compensation insurance, but that is not always the case. Self-employers may buy their own insurance workers’ compensation insurance to cover themselves. In situations where they are considered an independent worker, their subcontractors may…Read More

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