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Are you an actor hurt on the job? Your most important role ever

It's no secret that actors love variety and cherish each new role. An actor's resume can often include talents and skills that some of you may not have used, well, since childhood. Like riding a bike, or climbing a tree, or roller-skating. You're an actor and you can play anyone, but at some point your body may not always cooperate and through no fault of your own (they never asked how long it had been since you'd been water-skiing) you find yourself with a wrenched back, twisted ankle or broken arm.

Police, Paramedics and PTSD: When on-the-job trauma affects your work

It's no secret the county workers who protect and serve our communities witness tragic events on the job. Public servants assigned to high-crime areas may endure numerous traumatic experiences in a single shift. From dealing with domestic-violence calls to car crashes, homicides to 4-alarm fires, for the police officers and paramedics who answer these calls, death and destruction is an all too familiar occurrence.

These are five of the most dangerous jobs in California

Everyone expects jobs like police work and firefighting to be dangerous, but you might be surprised that they are not considered among the top five, or even top ten, most dangerous professions in the U.S. That is because these professions have safety measures in place that help minmize risk.

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