Serious Work Comp Injuries

When a serious or catastrophic injury happens at work, the injured worker and his or her family need the experience and skill of a firm focused solely on workers’ compensation claims. These claims can be worth millions of dollars, and insurance companies work with top defense firms to aggressively fight paying the full amount the claim is worth.

Injured workers and their families need those benefits, however, to cover the vast amount of medical bills, treatment costs, ongoing rehabilitation and care, lost wages and trauma caused by the accident.

The Experience Needed To Be Successful Against Insurance Companies In A Large Workers’ Comp Claim

At KCNS Law Group, LLP, we are committed to leveraging our extensive experience in workers’ compensation representation to recover the full amount that our clients’ claims are worth. Our firm has settled cases in excess of $1 million. We fight just as aggressively and skillfully as the insurance company’s defense team to make sure our clients are paid what they deserve.

These cases are highly complex and difficult to settle. Issues often arise regarding how the settlement will be structured, how benefits will be dispersed through the individual’s life and how it may affect Medicare options later. Our firm has handled many such cases and knows how to properly structure a settlement so that the individual receives the care and benefits needed for the rest of his or her life.

These cases can take years to settle, as the insurance company often fights vigorously to avoid paying the full amount the individual deserves. We handle these cases with perseverance and a veteran understanding of how to outlast the defense tactics thrown in our way. Throughout the duration of the case, we are always there with the answers, assistance and support you and your family need.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury on the job, call our Glendale, California, office today to arrange a consultation and discuss your options for receiving the full settlement you deserve.