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Buena Park workers help their city thrive. They work hard and deserve to feel protected and safe in the workplace. Unfortunately, even the most cautious and safest workplace can still have work-related injuries. California law requires employers to provide workers’ compensation to protect workers. Injured workers may be eligible to receive benefits to cover medical treatment, lost wages, temporary and permanent disability, and other benefits related to their workplace injury.  

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Buena Park, California

To receive workers’ compensation benefits, workers must first file a workers’ compensation claim. Immediately after receiving medical attention, workers must report the injury to their employer. Without written notice within thirty days of the initial date of the injury, a worker could lose their right to workers’ compensation benefits. 

It may seem as simple as reporting an injury and filing some paperwork. It’s not always that simple. Even a minor injury claim can become a complicated workers’ compensation claim when insurance companies offer less than what the worker deserves in benefits. Contact a California workers’ compensation lawyer if you are dealing with a complicated claim. Our attorneys at KCNS Law Group understand the tactics insurance companies can use to take advantage of injured workers. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients get the fair compensation they deserve. 

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in California

Once workers file their workers’ compensation claim, they may be eligible for the following benefits:

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits cover any cost associated with recovering and treating the injury. These costs may include:

  • Initial medical treatment 
  • Medical evaluation 
  • Medical treatments 
  • Surgery
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical aid devices
  • Transportation costs to medical treatments

If the medical cost is proven to be related to the injury sustained because of or at work, it should be covered by workers’ compensation benefits. The worker should keep all documentation of expenses relating to their injury as evidence for their claim. 

Temporary Disability Payments 

When an injured worker cannot work or has limited ability to work, they may be eligible for temporary disability payments. Payments are based on two-thirds of the average weekly wage of the worker. There is also a state-mandated weekly maximum depending on the date of the injury. 

Permanent Disability Payments

Workers whose injury permanently affects their ability to work or participate in the job market are eligible for permanent disability payments. A doctor must provide a rating on the extent of the worker’s disability. To understand the extent of a person’s disability, the doctor must consider the type of injury sustained, the worker’s age, occupation, and the restrictions the person now faces because of the injury. 

KCNS Law Group Can Help with Your Workers’ Compensation Claim in Buena Park 

At KCNS Law Group, we are dedicated to advocating for injured workers. Our accomplished attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to help connect your injury or condition to your workplaces condition or duties. We know how to strategically position your claim for success to help you pursue the compensation owed to you. KCNS Law Group has handled numerous complex litigations on expensive suits, forcing insurance companies to pay the just and maximum amount due to our clients. Work with our passionate lawyers dedicated to protecting your benefits. Contact us at (818) 937-9255 or complete our contact form.

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