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Like all cities in California, Lakewood is beautiful, with many thriving industries held up by the Lakewood workforce. Every worker in Lakewood deserves to work in a safe environment where they feel protected. However, even in the safest workplace, injuries can still happen. It can be painful and terrifying to suffer a workplace injury, especially if you have little to no understanding of workers’ compensation and what damages you may be entitled to for your pain and losses. California requires every employer to provide workers’ compensation insurance. This protects workers from being taken advantage of after sustaining a workplace injury. 

It can quickly become complicated negotiating with insurance companies. They have their best interest in mind, not yours. An insurance company may do all they can to avoid paying you everything you legally deserve. If you encounter a problem with your workers’ compensation claim, you should consult with the experienced Lakewood workers’ compensation lawyers at KCNS Law Group. Our team of dedicated Lakewood workers’ compensation attorneys has over forty years of combined experience helping workers receive the compensation they deserve.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Mean?

California’s workers’ compensation law falls under the no-fault system. The no-fault system is ideally meant to benefit employees and employers. Workers cannot sue their employers, and in turn, employees don’t have to prove that their employer was at fault for their injury. All California employers must pay for workers’ compensation insurance to cover every employee. California  workers’ compensation covers the following:

  • Medical benefits
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits
  • Return-to-work supplement 
  • Death benefits

It’s not required to hire representation when filing a workers’ compensation claim; however, your employer and the insurance company will have representation. Their representation will likely be a competent lawyer and experienced claim adjuster. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to use their experienced legal representation to offer you less than you deserve. By hiring your own experienced Lakewood workers’ compensation lawyer, you can ensure that your best interests are represented during negotiations and that you will get the best outcome possible.

What Settlement Offers Are There in California?

In California, two types of settlement agreements determine the outcome of workers’ compensation claims. 

Compromise and Release

The injured worker receives a lump sum upfront that completely closes the case. When agreeing to a compromise and release settlement, the worker must understand that no future medical expenses will be covered should their condition worsen. 

Stipulated Findings and Award

Once the injured worker and the insurance company agree on the extent of disability and benefits, the result is biweekly payments to cover the workers’ benefits. The exception to biweekly payments is if there is a financial need for the benefits to be paid upfront. Under this agreement, the insurance company continues to pay for future medical treatment should the need arise. The injured worker also has the right to reopen the case within five years of the original case if their condition worsens. 

A California workers’ compensation judge must approve both settlement agreements. Usually, a judge hears the case in an informal hearing. Workers should know that even if they don’t hire representation, the insurance company and employer will have representation during the hearing. Hire legal representation to protect your legal rights, yourself, and benefits. 

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At KCNS Law Group, we understand the tactics insurance companies use to try and offer lowball settlements. When you work with our lawyers, you can ensure that we will work hard to get you the total compensation you deserve. 

KCNS Law Group has decades of experience helping clients in every form of workers’ compensation claims. We do not settle for low offers knowing that our clients deserve more. Our Lakewood workers’ compensation lawyers know the accurate value of each claim and go to trial if necessary. Schedule a free consultation using our online form here or call (818) 937-9255.

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