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Rosemead is a small town in the heart of an urban environment. Like many towns and cities in California, Rosemead has restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and other businesses of all kinds. Towns and cities need a workforce in order to succeed. Those workers should be protected and feel secure in their workplaces. Thankfully, California protects workers by requiring employers to offer every single employee workers’ compensation. 

It is unfortunate and scary when a worker suffers an injury on the job. The worker may be confused about what to do next and how to handle the situation. Hiring an experienced Rosemead workers’ compensation attorney is an excellent way to ensure that you take the proper steps in obtaining total compensation for your injury. At KCNS Law Group, we have forty years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases. We want to make sure that you are not at a disadvantage when negotiating with insurance companies.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in California 

If you suffered an injury at work, you might be entitled to compensation. An attorney can help you pursue your benefits while you focus on recovering. The following are the types of workers’ compensation benefits you could be eligible to receive:

Medical Benefits

Under workers’ compensation insurance, an injured employee can receive medical benefits. Medical benefits cover any medical expense necessary to identify and treat a work-related injury or illness. A medical expense may include the following:

  • Emergency care
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Medication
  • Surgeries 

An experienced attorney will know what documentation and information to gather in order to recover your medical benefits.

Rehabilitation Benefits

Rehabilitation benefits pay for medical and therapeutic care, such as physical therapy. Workers’ compensation can cover such costs if you need these treatments to help you cope and recover from your injury or illness. This benefit may also cover the care and training necessary for you to regain the skills and ability to return to work.

Disability Benefits

Disability benefits help compensate you for part of the wages lost while your injury or illness makes it impossible to work. There are four categories of disability benefits you could recover. The category of benefits depends on whether your disability is total, partial, temporary, or permanent. The categories of disability benefits are listed below:

  • Temporary total disability: If your injury prevents you from working for a limited amount of time, you receive compensation for those lost wages. The payments end once you recover or when a doctor determines you will not completely recover.
  • Temporary partial disability: If your injury prevents you from doing your job for a limited time, but you can still do some work, you receive benefits to make up the difference between your pre-injury earnings and the reduced earnings.
  • Permanent partial disability: If your workplace injury or illness causes slight permanent damage that impairs your ability to work, you receive benefits to compensate for the impairment.
  • Permanent total disability: If your workplace injury or illness causes permanent damage so extensive you cannot return to work, you receive total permanent disability benefits.

The amount of benefits you receive, whether total, partial, or temporary, will be determined through negotiation. To ensure representation of your best interests during negotiations, hire an experienced Rosemead workers’ compensation lawyer.

Death Benefits

If an employee dies due to a work-related injury or illness, then death benefits are applied. Death benefits are a percentage of the deceased workers’ earnings. Death benefits tend to go to relatives (i.e., children and spouses) who were financially dependent on the deceased employee. Death benefits are meant to compensate those dependent family members for losing financial support.

Determining who receives death benefits is not always as simple as giving benefits to the deceased employee’s dependents. Complications can arise for stepchildren, children born outside marriage, unmarried partners, or even siblings. By hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer, the loved ones of the deceased worker can fight to receive the compensation they deserve.

Hire the Experienced Rosemead Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at KCNS Law Group

At KCNS Law Group, our lawyers have decades of valuable experience. The attorneys in our firm know the measures that adjusters will take to minimize a claim’s payout. We use our knowledge and skills to tailor strategies to prevent the insurance companies from lowballing our clients. Our firm is determined to help our clients obtain the benefits they deserve. KCNS Law Group understands the structure of settlements and how to protect our clients’ best interests.

To speak with our knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys, schedule a free consultation by completing our contact form or calling (877) 513-9007.

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