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The city of Whittier covers 14.8 square miles and has an estimated population of 87,369 people. South Whittier is a suburban area with a population of 60,357 people. These Los Angeles County cities are ideal cities in which to reside due to location (only twelve miles away from Los Angeles) and bountiful work opportunities. Businesses and industries in the area include more than 436 professional services, 845 retail stores, 200 family-style restaurants, thirty-seven manufacturing plants, seven hotels and motels, and over 300 specialty shops and boutiques.

Under California law, each of the businesses and industries within Whittier and South Whittier must provide workers’ compensation to its employees. California is one of a dozen states that instituted no-fault workers’ compensation laws. These laws give access to workers’ compensation benefits, and they are designed to protect employees. Unfortunately, deadlines and paperwork requirements can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you are trying to recover from your injury. At KCNS Law Group, our California workers’ compensation attorneys can help you through the process of filing your claim. We may be able to help you obtain all the benefits you are entitled to receive by law. 

California Workers’ Compensation Law Requirements 

Under California Labor Code section 3700, all employers must have workers’ compensation insurance for every single employee, at all times. California law defines an employee “as an individual serving an employer under any contract, appointment, apprenticeship, express or implied, oral, or written, whether lawfully or unlawfully employed”. Employers must abide by the following workers’ compensation requirements:

  • Benefits offered must cover all employees, including part-time workers and non-legal residents.
  • Employees are prohibited from paying into, contributing to, or offsetting the costs of an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy in any way.
  • Employers are prohibited from firing, punishing, or otherwise adversely affecting the terms of employment of an individual for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

The attorneys at KCNS Law Group have detailed knowledge and experience in the area of workers’ compensation. We know which tactics insurance companies use to deny claims, and we will utilize powerful strategies to counter them. Our legal team has handled complex litigation on expensive claims, forcing the insurance companies to pay the maximum amount due to our clients. KCNS Law Group attorneys do not accept lowball settlement offers. We know the accurate value of each client’s claim and are prepared to go to trial if necessary.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Can Recover

Often, the most immediate and critical benefit available to you under workers’ compensation insurance is medical care and treatment for your injury. In addition to the immediate and curative medical treatment, other benefits include:

  • Temporary disability benefits: These provide lost wages should your injury prevent you from returning to work right away.
  • Permanent disability benefits: These provide lost wages should your injury be so severe that a full recovery is not possible.
  • Reassigned workload: This requires your employer to accommodate light duty as prescribed by a medical professional while you recover.
  • Supplemental job displacement: This includes vouchers to pay for retraining or education programs. 
  • Death benefits: These apply after the death of an employee at work or a death from a work-related illness.

If you suffered a physical injury or illness from work, you need to focus on your recovery. At KCNS Law Group, we understand that your priority is to get better; therefore, we will dedicate ourselves to helping you pursue the benefits entitled to you. Our California workers’ compensation lawyers will evaluate all the details of your case, including medical records and other data, to strengthen your claim. There are intricate laws and rules that dictate workers’ compensation claims in California. Our attorneys understand how to work within those parameters. When you work with KCNS Law Group, you can rest assured that your claim is in good hands

Hire a Whittier Workers’ Compensation Attorney to Represent Your Claim

When you file a workers’ compensation claim, you want to obtain the maximum benefits available to you. Receiving your benefits, however, is not always as easy as submitting the claim. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can often be more complicated than expected; therefore, you should hire a skilled attorney who may be able to help you obtain your benefits. 

KCNS Law Group understands the aggressive tactics an insurance company might use to deny your claim or offer a lowball settlement. Our lawyers will carefully work with you to give your claim the best chance at receiving the maximum settlement possible. After sustaining injuries, you need to focus on your recovery. We are proud to offer our clients decades of experience, and you can focus on recovery while we pursue your claim.

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