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Airports need to protect employees on the ground, too

  • Published: September 16, 2016

Airport travelers mostly think about the annoying delays and the lines at check-in, but it’s a whole crazy world behind the scenes. To the public, safety in flight is the number one concern and the people doing the legwork and operations on the ground are overlooked. The rush to stay on schedule creates a hectic workplace where accidents happen.

It’s a dangerous work environment. You work in a sea of vehicles, all in a hurry to be somewhere else and traveling on a chaotic highway system.

Workers are thrown off vehicles, carts and trailers collide, jet bridges are moved without clearance and heavy equipment falls and crashes. There is a lot of big, expensive and clumsy gear at the work site and it’s always being rushed from one gate or hangar to another.

Why airport accidents happen

Because airports are so complex and regulated by so many different groups, safety hazards can slip through the cracks. Frequently, a basic workplace precaution, such as installing seat belts on a tow tractor, is missed.

More often, though, an accident happens simply because you were in a hurry. It’s a go-go environment and the airport needs to make sure that employees have the training, staffing, equipment, maintenance and technology they need to do their job right without being put at risk.

Many airports hold regular safety meetings but, all too often, real changes are made only after an incident has happened. If you’re injured on the job, you are eligible for worker’s compensation. There may be additional damages available to you, too.

Even in a constantly moving environment, your employer needs to do everything it can to prevent injuries from happening and if there was a known hazard that led to your injury, they’re liable. Everyone knows that airports are hectic, which is exactly why they should already be looking out for your safety.


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