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Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer Before Filing a Disability Claim in California?

  • Published: August 6, 2022

Many people submit short-term and long-term disability claims independently without consulting or hiring an attorney to assist them. However, Disability Benefits Help recommends hiring an attorney to assist you throughout the entire process. Social Security Disability is an essential resource for many people who are unable to work because of their disability. Unfortunately, the application process for SSD is complicated, can take a long time, and the slightest error can result in an application being denied.

There are several nuances during the SSD application process that disability attorneys are familiar with and can help ensure you have the information you need to help your claim succeed. At KCNS Law Group, our attorneys have helped our clients successfully navigate the SSD application process and achieve favorable results. We understand that the process is complex and can feel deliberately complicated; that’s why our attorneys pride themselves on having the knowledge and resources to help you feel confident throughout your SSD application process.

Why You Need a Disability Attorney Before Filing a Disability Claim

It’s common for people to hire a disability attorney after having their first SSD application denied. However, having a claim denied means submitting an administrative appeal process to preserve your right to benefits which is a complicated process in its own right. Waiting until a claim is denied rather than taking the proactive step of working with an attorney before filing a disability claim puts your right to those benefits at risk. This is why it’s always better to consult a disability attorney before even beginning the SSD application process. Working with an experienced disability attorney provides you with many advantages, including:

A Better Chance of Approval

The primary advantage of working with an attorney for your disability case is that your chances of getting your claim approved increase substantially. A disability attorney understands the ins and outs of the entire process. They have the knowledge and experience to create a strong case for you to receive benefits. Disability attorneys understand the strict criteria that applicants must meet to receive their benefits and can ensure that your claim is built in a way that puts you in the best position for a successful outcome.

No Waiting in Line

Most people know that the social security disability system can take a while. Millions of people apply for benefits every year, but there’s hardly enough funding to get through those claims in an efficient manner. When you handle your own claim, you’ll likely be placed in that queue of people waiting to hear back about your application. An attorney knows how to push claims to the front of the line, giving you an advantage and ensuring your claim is resolved in a timely manner.

You Won’t Face Hearings Alone

If your claim is denied or has already been denied, you’ll likely need to attend a hearing before an administrative judge to make your case. These hearings are structured similarly to court cases, except that your burden of proof is to prove the nature of your disability and how it limits you on a daily basis and your ability to make a living. A hearing can be a nerve-wracking experience for most people and nearly impossible to handle, depending on the complexities of your case. When you work with an experienced attorney, you get to watch from the sidelines as they fight for your right to benefits, making you feel confident in your chances of receiving your benefits.

Work With an Experienced Disability Attorney Today

People with disabilities that prevent them from working rely heavily on their SSD benefits and should be able to access them easily. However, the SSD application process is often difficult and challenging to get through on your own. Our disability attorneys at KCNS Law Group are proud to be able to provide you with the support and legal representation you need to give you the best chances for a successful outcome to your claim.

KCNS Law Group is a firm dedicated to protecting workers’ rights. We aggressively fight for our client’s right to benefits regardless of how complicated their case may seem. When you work with KCNS Law Group, you can be confident that you have someone on your side ready to do what they can to help set you up for success. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation. Complete our contact form or call (818) 937-9255.

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