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The repercussions of catastrophic workplace injuries

  • Published: February 28, 2017

If you have suffered a catastrophic workplace injury, recovery can be a strenuous and challenging process — not only for you but also for your family members. The love and support of spouses and other family members are vital throughout the process of rehabilitation. However, this might involve a myriad of emotions in all those close to you. The manner in which you and your family manage the all expectations and emotions can play a significant role in successful rehabilitation.

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Your suffering after a catastrophic injury will likely be more than physical pain, and the process of recovery may involve other feelings as well.

  • You might feel despair, anger and grief when you have to start the process of adjustment to a new lifestyle.
  • Your loved ones may experience the same feelings when they have to adjust to your new physical limitations.
  • If you are immobile after your injury, your access to your vehicle may be limited, and you might feel cut off from friends and family.
  • Access to the homes of friends, the grocery store, movie theater and other public areas may be an issue if you are wheelchair bound.
  • Your unanticipated dependence on others may cause feelings of guilt for the burden you have become.
  • The loved ones caring for you may also feel guilty whenever their needs must take preference over yours.

he aftermath of a catastrophic injury will also include financial concerns about immediate and future medical expenses and loss of income.


A consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can provide answers for your questions and might ease your concern. A skilled California lawyer can put you in touch with experienced medical professionals who can assist with your recovery and rehabilitation by taking the following steps:

1. An attorney can identify your support team and provide you and your loved ones with an understanding of the role each person will play in your network of support.

2. Such professionals can also educate your caregivers to help them understand the medical terminology and the navigation of the day-to-day medical care and treatment options.

3. They can identify areas of concern and address coping mechanisms that might be detrimental to your health and other issues that might hamper your recovery.

If your recovery and rehabilitation are in the good hands of professional medical caregivers, your workers’ compensation attorney can work on navigating your benefits claim. The typical compensation awarded includes all medical expenses along with coverage of lost income. The California workers’ compensation insurance program will consider the severity of your injuries and the level of disability you suffered. If your physical limitations allow it, the program could provide vocational training to equip you with new skills that might allow you to continue earning a living in a new occupation.


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