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When the unexpected happens at work

  • Published: December 16, 2016

If you work outside the home in California, you’re probably well aware that every job has ups, downs, good days and ones best forgotten.

Even if you work at a job that ranks among those most inherently dangerous, however, you likely don’t expect to show up for work then wind up lying in the back of an ambulance because you’ve been seriously injured in an accident on the job.

Jobs that often pose safety risks

Hopefully, if your job places you at risk for injury, you’ve had training or instruction to help you carry out your assignments in the safest ways possible. (If not, and you become injured, you may want to formally address that issue in court.) If you work in one of the following fields, your job is considered among the most dangerous in America:

Construction: From rubble and debris often strewn throughout worksites to power tools and other equipment that can suddenly malfunction, statistic show that construction work is a high risk category of employment where job accidents are concerned.

Emergency Services: If you are one of many brave fire-fighters in California, or work as a paramedic or emergency medical technician, your duties during disaster assistance, search and rescue or accident response may place you in harm’s way on a regular basis.

Law Enforcement: Are you a police officer? If so, you are likely well aware of the danger that being on the streets to protect citizens poses to your personal safety.

Veterinarian: Your love of animals and pets may have led you to this profession, although statistics show that it, too, may be dangerous since one can never predict how an animal will react to a particular person or situation.

Farming: Serene images of pastoral farmlands don’t come close to reality regarding the dangers of farm work. Heavy machinery, unpredictability of animals and many other issues make workers vulnerable to accidents.

Trucking: Highways, traffic, negligent drivers, inclement weather, poor road conditions and vehicular problems may place you in life or death situations if you make a living driving a tractor-trailer.

Not all job accidents occur in situations where safety risks are obvious. For instance, you might be an office worker who tripped on an extension cord that someone left lying across the floor in your workplace, causing you to suffer severe neck or back injuries.

Not all damages are physical

Your accident may have also caused you tremendous emotional trauma, which is often a type of injury. Below, is a list of other damages that don’t involve physical bodily harm:

Loss of wages: You obviously can’t go to work while you’re in the hospital. Even after you return home, your recovery time may prevent you from returning to the workplace, in which case, you may sustain substantial loss of income.

Loss of potential earnings: If you are unable to work for the foreseeable future, damages may include calculations of the income you might have earned moving forward if you were able.

Loss of consortium: This type of injury involves a loss of benefits of a familial relationship due to your injuries.
When a negligent driver has caused you to suffer, you are entitled to seek recovery for all harm, whether bodily, emotional or economic.

The process of claiming benefits after a serious workplace accident is often complex. You may run into complications, especially if an insurance company or your California employer attempts to deny your claim. Although you could try to rectify the situation alone, it is often easier to rely on experienced and aggressive representation.


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