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Although the federal and state governments implement regulations to ensure construction sites are safe, construction accidents are still far too common. Construction accidents can potentially lead to devastating, life-altering injuries. Unfortunately, construction workers are at risk of experiencing a construction accident that can drastically change their lives. Victims of a construction accident need access to the maximum available compensation to pay their medical bills and provide financial support for their families. However, getting workers’ compensation from private insurance companies or through state workers’ compensation programs can be challenging.

KCNS Law Group is a firm of accomplished California workers’ compensation lawyers dedicated to advocating for the rights of injured workers. Our attorneys possess the knowledge and experience necessary to build a strong workers’ compensation claim for our clients.

Who is Liable for a Construction Accident?

When a construction accident occurs, there are two ways that an individual or entity may be held responsible. A worker can file a workers’ compensation claim or file a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. A construction site owner, construction company, or manufacturer may be held liable in a personal injury claim. 

California’s workers’ compensation system is a way for injured workers to obtain coverage for on-the-job accidents and injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits may include medical expenses, lost wages, disability pay, and in the worst situations, death benefits. Unfortunately, in some cases, a workers’ compensation claim is not enough to cover the full extent of the victim’s losses. 

In some situations, injured workers can file a lawsuit against the at-fault party and their insurance company. However, only in limited cases can an injured worker file a lawsuit against their employer after a workplace injury. Situations in which a worker can file a lawsuit against their employer include:

  • An employer physically assaulted the employee
  • An employer fraudulently concealed something that made the injury worse
  • An employer’s product injured the worker while they were off the clock
  • An employer did not have workers’ compensation at the time of the injury

A construction accident claim can be complicated and requires an understanding of personal injury law and California workers’ compensation law. An experienced construction accident lawyer can help you protect your rights and break down the options you have for pursuing a claim against the at-fault party. 

How Can a California Construction Accident Lawyer Help

Experienced construction accident lawyers bring with them their law experience to best represent their client’s interest, whether it’s negotiating with insurance companies or filing a lawsuit. A skilled attorney can help by:

  • Carefully investigating your case 
  • Gathering evidence 
  • Working directly with doctors and medical experts 
  • Helping identify all parties that may be liable
  • Negotiating with insurance companies 
  • Taking your case to court if need be

The attorneys at KCNS Law Group can handle all types of construction accident injury claims and are prepared to go to trial if need be to ensure our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Partner with KCNS Law Groups Experienced Construction Accident Lawyers

KCNS Law Group has over forty years of combined experience in workers’ compensation and personal injury law. Our attorneys harness their skills and resources to help countless clients throughout Los Angeles County recover fair compensation for their losses. We are versed in the intricate laws and rules that govern workers’ compensation claims in California and know how to build strong cases for our clients. Our California construction accident lawyers are committed to using their experience and abilities to prevent injured workers from receiving less than they deserve.

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