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The human body can easily conduct electricity and can cause extreme harm throughout the internal and external systems. From cardiac arrest to burns, electricity is a hazardous tool that we can’t live without. While most companies and people take working with electricity very seriously, some individuals cut corners and end up causing harm to others and maybe themselves. In the workplace, one faulty wire can cause a fire or severe electrocution injury. 

When someone else’s negligence and carelessness puts your life and hobbies at risk, you have the right to hold them accountable and seek compensation for your injuries. KCNS Law Group has years of experience advocating for and working with clients from across California. We understand how serious electrocution injuries can be and how they affect your daily life. Our goal is to make sure that your voice and rights are protected and recognized. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of Electrocution in California?

Unfortunately, many individuals are exposed to faulty wires and unkept conditions or tools that cause them harm. From electricians to office workers, there are many ways a person can suffer an electrical injury both in the workplace and at home. Some of the few ways a person can sustain an electrical injury include: 

  • Improper wiring
  • Power lines
  • Overloads
  • Live parts
  • Ground faults

If you encounter any of the above or other causes of electrocution due to someone else’s reckless behavior. They’ll navigate you through the legal and medical process while you focus on your recovery. 

Types of California Electrocution Injuries 

Every year people experience electrical injuries due to faulty equipment, improper maintenance, and other types of negligence. When a person sustains an electrical injury, they can suffer severe symptoms that stop them from enjoying their hobbies and daily responsibilities. Consider the following types of electrical injuries a person can face:

Electrical Shock

The severity of an electrical shock depends on the amount of voltage received, moisture on the body, the parts of the body involved, and how long the current flowed through the body. If you have issues with your heart or have a pacemaker, you can suffer extreme injuries and even death due to the reliance on the device. Many others with similar medical devices should also be aware of the risks. 

Loss of Muscle Control

One of the most common symptoms of an electrical shock is painful muscle spasms. These jerky movements can cause sprains, broken bones, and dislocated joints. Due to the spasms and loss of muscle control, most people who experience these have a difficult time letting go or stepping away from the electrical source — which can cause people to fall from serious heights and stay in the path of dangerous structures or machinery.  

Electrical Burns

When an electrical current moves throughout the human body, the flow heats the tissue along the path and can cause severe burns that may need major surgery. The shock that comes with higher voltages often causes electrical burns due to the flow from supplies and other devices. 

Thermal Burns

Faulty electrical wiring can cause extreme fires and explosions without a moment’s notice. These fires can cause severe burns as well as death. The damages that come from these fires are debilitating for many families. Another type of thermal burn from an electrical device is overloads in equipment which cause the device to become hot enough to inflict a burn injury.

Injuries from electrical currents are more dangerous than you might think. While many people experience a slight shock from a doorknob or static electricity, injuries from high voltage devices and wires can cause you extreme pain and suffering. 

How Can I Prevent Electrocution Injuries?

In some cases, we are not the ones at fault for an electrocution injury. When companies or individuals do not perform their responsibilities and maintenance, they can cause you to suffer severe damage. However, if you can prevent your or someone else’s injury, consider the following preventative tips:

  • Inspect electric cords for fraying
  • Do not plug too many things into the same outlet
  • Keep all electric appliances away from water
  • Make sure that all power tools are grounded or double insulated 
  • Do not handle fallen wires

If you suffer severe injuries due to someone’s negligent behavior, contact an experienced electrocution lawyer. You have the right to recover the losses you incur due to the injury the other person or organization caused. An electrocution injury is not something to brush over and is a sign of dangerous neglect and carelessness. 

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