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When a severe or catastrophic injury happens at work, the injured worker and their families need the experience and skill of a firm focused solely on workers’ compensation claims. These claims can be worth millions of dollars, and insurance companies work with top defense firms to aggressively fight to pay the full amount that the claim is worth.

If you or a loved one have suffered a severe workplace injury in Glendale or throughout Southern California, you should be eligible to receive compensation through California’s workers’ compensation system. However, in some instances, employers and their workers’ comp insurance providers create obstacles that postpone or deny legitimate work injuries. At KCNS Law Group, our highly qualified team of Glendale workers’ comp lawyers advocate for workers in California who deserve to be treated fairly when they are injured on the job.

What’s Considered a Serious Workers’ Comp Injury?

A workplace injury is considered serious if it is likely to lead to long-term disablement, consequently hindering a person’s ability to earn an income. In California, workers in many industries—like construction, manufacturing, transportation, and public safety—are susceptible to serious on-the-job injuries. Whatever the industry, serious workers’ comp injuries include a wide range of incapacities, such as: 

  • Traumatic head or brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Loss of limb
  • Loss of vision, hearing, or other senses
  • Severe burn wounds
  • Paralysis or partial paralysis

What Benefits Are Available for a Serious Workers’ Compensation Case?

California’s workers’ compensation law is a no-fault system designed to benefit both employees and employers. Under this system, workers cannot sue their employers in court for workplace injuries in exchange for the assurance that they do not have to prove that their employer was responsible for the injury. To receive benefits, workers only need to prove that the injury was work-related. The California workers’ compensation system, paid for by employers, offers numerous benefits to injured employees, including: 

  • Medical care: Including doctor visits, hospital services, medical equipment, medicine, lab tests, and more.
  • Temporary disability payments: To reimburse lost wages while recovering for up to 104 weeks.
  • Permanent disability payments: To benefit individuals who don’t fully recover and whose injury causes permanent physical or mental incapacity. 
  • Retraining: Payments that cover learning new skills when you’re unable to return to your previous employer due to your injury. 
  • Death benefits: Paid to your dependents if your work-related injuries or illness is fatal. 

Note that workers’ comp payments and non-cash benefits are tax-exempt, which sets these benefits apart from other benefits, like unemployment. Injured workers and their families need these benefits to cover the vast amount of medical bills, treatment costs, ongoing rehabilitation and care, lost wages, and trauma caused by the workplace accident.

Retain Skilled Attorneys with the Experience Necessary to Be Successful Against Insurers in Large Workers’ Comp Claims

At KCNS Law Group, LLP, we leverage our extensive experience in workers’ compensation representation to recover the full amount that our clients’ claims are worth. Our firm has settled numerous cases of over $1 million. We fight just as aggressively and skillfully as the insurance company’s defense team to make sure our clients are paid what they deserve.

These cases are extraordinarily complex and challenging to settle. Issues often arise regarding various concerns, including:

  • How the settlement will be structured
  • How benefits will be dispersed through the individual’s life
  • How it may affect Medicare options later.

At KCNS Law Group, our firm has handled many large workers’ comp cases. Our attorneys know how to properly structure a settlement so that clients receive the care and benefits needed for the rest of their lives. 

Have Specific Questions Regarding a Serious Workplace Injury in California? Speak to KCNS Law Group for Free Today

Serious workers’ compensation cases can take years to settle, as the insurance company often fights vigorously to avoid paying the full amount the individual deserves. KCNS Law Group’s Glendale workers’ comp lawyers handle these cases with perseverance and a veteran understanding of how to outlast the defense tactics thrown in our way. We are always there with the answers, assistance, and support that you and your family need throughout the case.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury on the job, call our Glendale, California, office today to arrange a consultation and discuss your options for receiving the full settlement you deserve. To schedule a free consultation with one of our seasoned workers’ comp attorneys, call (818) 937-9255 or complete our contact form today.

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