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Workers’ compensation helps you recover from workplace injuries without worrying about your injury’s financial impact. That said, it’s not always clear when you can apply for workers’ compensation. Similarly, some employees worry that applying for workers’ compensation may limit their future job opportunities.

If you have questions about workers’ compensation in California, you can work with KCNS Law Group. We explore what workers’ compensation may be available to you and how you can best secure it. We can also work with you to challenge an employer who refuses to give you the financial support to which you may be entitled.

What is the Average California Workers’ Compensation Shoulder Injury Settlement?

There’s no such thing as an average workers’ compensation shoulder injury settlement in California. The settlement you receive will rather vary depending on the nature of your accident and the severity of your injury. You may be able to work with a California shoulder injury attorney to estimate the extent of your losses and present that estimate alongside your workers’ compensation claim.

Do note, though, that there are ways in which a civil settlement and a workers’ compensation settlement differ. While you can ask for non-economic damages in a civil suit, you can’t include these losses in a workers’ compensation claim. Instead, your workers’ compensation claim only addresses your medical bills, property damage, and lost wages.

When Can You Apply for Workers’ Compensation in California?

Applying for workers’ compensation isn’t a one-step process. Rather, there are three common steps you need to take if you want to request financial support after a workplace accident. Specifically, you need to:

You can report your injury to both your supervisor and your insurance provider within 24 hours of your accident. The sooner you can inform the appropriate parties of your injuries, the sooner you can take additional legal action.

Your workers’ compensation claim should reach your employer within 30 days of your accident. After that, your employer has 90 days to inform you as to whether or not they’ll honor your request for support. If you have not received communication within those 90 days, you can assume your employer will comply with your request.

Finally, you need to file an Application for Adjudication of Claim with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board within one year of receiving compensation from your supervisor. You may face legal consequences if you miss these deadlines. Fortunately, you can work with our attorneys to potentially address any of your related concerns.

When Should You Contact California Workers’ Compensation Attorneys?

As noted, you need to inform your employer of your injury and essential treatment within 24 hours of enduring a workplace injury. You can choose to contact an experienced California workers’ compensation lawyers at any time following your loss. Ideally, though, you should get in touch with a representative as soon as you can.

While California attempts to make it easy for residents to file workers’ compensation claims, the legalese surrounding the average complaint can still bog you down. The sooner you have a professional on hand, the easier it may be for you to understand what rights the state affords you. 

Similarly, attorneys make it easier for you to know whether or not you’re receiving a fair settlement from your employer. We can help you question insufficient funds while researching the other means that might secure you the financial support you need.

Why Should You Contact a California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Insurance companies and corporations have a similar mindset when it comes to your workers’ compensation. It’s likely the people you want to support you will try to find means to deny you your right to compensation. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to fight for your workers’ compensation. That fight is much easier with a professional on your side.

Our California shoulder injury settlements attorneys want to compassionately address your workplace shoulder injury without compromising in the courtroom. When we format your workers’ compensation claim, we do so with an eye for perfection. If your employer tries to deny your right to financial support, we may be able to appeal that decision.

Our team may even be able to communicate with your insurance provider and/or the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board on your behalf. You can discuss to what degree you want us involved in your case during an initial workers’ compensation claim consultation.

How Can You React if Your California Workers’ Compensation Shoulder Injury Settlement Doesn’t Address Your Needs?

California requires injured employees to go through multiple stages when filing for workers’ compensation to avoid insufficient settlements. More specifically, your ability to communicate with both your employer and the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board allows you to request the financial support that can actually see you through your recovery.

If you find that the settlement offered to you through your employer doesn’t meet the financial demands of your recovery, let our shoulder injury settlement lawyers know. We can work with both the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board and your employer to discuss more comprehensive support. If the need arises, we can even take your concerns to court.

Let’s Discuss Your California Shoulder Injury Settlement

Settlement offers make it easier for you to streamline your workplace accident recovery. Contending with submission deadlines and the specificities of a claim can be difficult while you’re injured, though, which is why KCNS Law Group makes it easy for you to benefit from our lawyers’ decades of experience.

Discuss the possibility of a workers’ compensation claim in California by meeting with our team today. Schedule a free consultation by completing our contact form or calling (818) 937-9255.

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