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7 Tips to Use When Talking To Your Workers’ Comp Doctor

  • Published: April 1, 2022
Workers’ Comp Doctor

In theory, employees injured on the job, their employers, and the workers’ comp doctors should be working together to get the employee healthy and fully rehabilitated so they can get back to work. However, the process of workers’ compensation often creates tension and mistrust within the doctor-patient dynamic. Employers want workers back on the job as quickly as possible, and they may sometimes ignore health concerns. Insurers want to limit their payouts. Doctors want to keep their contracts, which means they are likely to align themselves with insurance companies or the workers’ employer rather than the injured employee.

Your workers’ comp doctor hugely impacts your workers’ compensation claim. The doctor decides your treatment plan, work restrictions, and how your injury will affect you long-term. Their opinion is crucial, and they must have the accurate information to develop an accurate vision of how the injury has impacted you and may continue to impact you. As the injured employee, it’s beneficial to remember that your workers’ comp doctor has two competing interests, your best interests or that of the insurer. Before speaking with a workers’ comp doctor, whether they were assigned to you or selected by you, consult a trusted workers’ comp lawyer who can make sure you’re getting the best care possible and not accidentally compromising your workers’ comp claim.

How to Handle Interactions with Your Workers’ Comp Doctor

While a workers’ comp doctor may want to get you back to the quality of health you once had, they also tend to ask for conservative opinions that may not address all your medical needs. Unfortunately, what your workers’ comp doctor says substantially impacts your workers’ comp benefits, so it’s important to be careful about your words and consult an expert workers’ compensation lawyer before speaking with a workers’ comp doctor.

The most important thing to remember when speaking with a workers’ comp doctor is to be honest and accurate about your injury and its effect on your life. Here are seven things not to say or do when speaking with your workers’ comp doctor:

  • Never lie about prior injuries, pre-existing conditions, or medical history
  • Never lie about the extent of your workplace injury or how it happened
  • Do not exaggerate your symptoms, including pain or functionality
  • Avoid delaying medical treatment; delays may make your condition worse and decrease your chances of a full recovery
  • Do not stop treatment before you are fully recovered
  • Don’t speak negatively about your employer
  • Don’t arrive late or miss appointments

Not being honest with your doctor puts your workers’ comp claim at risk and may lead to having certain medical treatment denied. When there is a dispute in your claim, the workers’ compensation judge will consider your credibility. If there is medical history proving you had lied or withheld information, the judge is less likely to decide in your favor. When speaking with your doctor, you must be thorough and honest to get the proper treatment and to provide the most accurate information about your injury for your doctor to report.

If you are unsure how to interact with your workers’ comp doctor, the best thing to do is consult a California workers’ comp lawyer. They can make sure you say the right things to get the best medical treatment possible and ensure the success of your claim.

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