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How to Prove Mental Health Injuries in a Workers’ Comp Claim

  • Published: February 19, 2023

Workplace injuries include more than just physical injuries. It is entirely possible to have mental injuries as well. They are more challenging to prove than physical injuries, but you can make claims for them.

If you need to make a mental health injury claim for your employer, you may want legal help first. Proving mental health injuries can be complex, and having a legal team on your side can make a big difference. Here is what you need to know about proving mental health injuries as a part of your workers’ comp claims

Obtaining Medical Records 

Obtaining medical records is critical to proving mental health injuries in a workers’ comp claim. The documents may include detailed information about the diagnosis, course of treatment, medications prescribed, and any other relevant medical care. It is important to provide as much evidence as possible to support your claim.

To obtain the records, you must contact your doctor’s office or hospital and request them in writing. You may also need to pay a fee for copying and mailing them to you. Once you have gathered all of the necessary records, you must provide them to your lawyer or insurance company so they can review them and determine whether they support your claim.

Demonstrating an Employment-Related Stressor

Proving mental health injuries in a workers’ comp claim can be a difficult and stressful process. It is important to remember that the burden of proof is on the claimant, so you need to provide as much evidence as possible. This evidence can include medical records, psychological assessments, and statements from family, friends, or co-workers who have witnessed the effects of the stressor. 

You should also document your personal experiences with the stressor and how it has impacted you both mentally and physically. This may include descriptions of any physical symptoms you have experienced due to their stressor, such as headaches or insomnia. 

Establishing a Direct Link to the Injury

Establishing a direct link to the injury when it comes to proving mental health injuries in a workers’ comp claim is essential. The most crucial factor is to provide evidence that the mental health issue was caused by something related to the job. To do this, you should collect medical records and evidence of pre-existing medical conditions.

Document any stressors from work, such as bullying or harassment, and any physical injuries that may have led to an emotional response. Statements from witnesses and co-workers about how the workplace environment has affected the claimant can help establish a direct link between the injury and their place of work.

Working With Professionals to Strengthen Your Case 

Working with professionals to strengthen your case can be invaluable when proving mental health injuries in a workers’ comp claim. It is essential to consider the expertise of medical and legal professionals who are well-versed in workers’ compensation law to ensure that all the evidence necessary for a successful claim is gathered. 

Professionals can objectively assess the situation, advise on how to present the case, and ensure that all relevant documents are appropriately filed and submitted. Additionally, consulting professionals can help you understand complex laws, regulations, and procedures to have a better chance of getting your claim approved. If you don’t know how to find these professionals, your workers’ compensation lawyer can help.

Treat Mental Health Injuries Like Any Other Injury and Contact a Lawyer Today

The most important thing is to treat mental health injuries just like any other injury. Once you seek medical help and start to put your workers’ comp claim together, it may be a good time to discuss your mental health injuries with a lawyer. 

At KCNS Law Group, we can help you plan and file mental health claims alongside any other workers’ comp claims that you need to file. That way, you do everything the way that you need to get the best outcome. Contact us online or at (818) 937-9255 to discuss your case in more detail.

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