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Reasons Why Your Workers’ Comp May Be Delayed

  • Published: February 9, 2023

If you’ve been injured on the job, you may be expecting to receive workers’ compensation benefits in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and there are many reasons why your workers’ comp may be delayed. Delays in receiving workers’ comp can cause serious financial hardship for injured workers who may already be struggling with medical bills and lost wages due to their injury.

Four Common Causes of Workers’ Comp Delays

Delays in workers’ compensation cases are often not the employee’s fault. Regardless, by understanding the potential pitfalls and taking proactive steps, you can ensure that your claim is processed quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to focusing on healing and recovery.

Employer’s Negligence 

In some cases, workers’ comp might be delayed due to the employer’s negligence. This could mean that an employee is not receiving the benefits they are entitled to in a timely manner and can cause financial hardship for them and their families.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that all workers’ comp claims are processed quickly and efficiently, and any delays should be investigated thoroughly to determine the reason for the delay. If it is found that an employer was negligent in processing these claims, they should be held accountable for their actions.

Incomplete or Incorrect Paperwork 

Incomplete or incorrect paperwork can be a significant issue regarding workers’ comp. It can lead to delays in processing claims, which can greatly inconvenience everyone involved. Without the appropriate information and documents filled out correctly, it is difficult for employers to process the claim promptly.

Even if all of the correct information is provided, mistakes such as typos or incorrect formatting might still cause a delay. It is vital to double-check any paperwork that is given and make sure that all of the necessary information is included and accurate. Doing so will help ensure that the claim process goes as smoothly as possible and that there are no unexpected delays due to incomplete or incorrect paperwork.

Fraudulent Workers’ Comp Claim

Workers’ comp is an important benefit for employees who suffer on-the-job injuries, but unfortunately, there are people out there who are willing to commit fraud and try to take advantage of the system. Fraudulent workers’ comp claims can result in significant losses for employers and might be delayed due to investigations into the reason behind the claim.

If a fraudulent claim is discovered, not only will the injured employee not receive the benefits they were hoping for, they may also face legal consequences for their actions.  Depending on the state, the individual may be charged with a crime such as insurance fraud and face jail time or fines. In addition to criminal penalties, the individual may have their benefits revoked and be barred from receiving future benefits.

Medical Evaluation Delays

Delays in medical evaluations for workers’ comp can be a common issue. There might be a variety of reasons why a workers’ comp evaluation might be delayed, but the most common cause is due to the backlog of other cases already being processed. This can often result in a waiting period lasting weeks or even months.

In some cases, this delay could cause an employee to miss out on critical medical treatments or financial assistance they may otherwise qualify for. It’s important to remain aware of delays and take all necessary steps to ensure your medical evaluation remains as timely as possible.

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One of the worst feelings is when your workers’ comp is delayed and you are unsure if you did everything you were supposed to do. You can avoid this problem entirely by hiring an effective legal counsel that knows the claims process inside and out. That way, you know you did everything you were supposed to do the first time. 

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