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What Can I Do About Discrimination During a Job Interview

  • Published: July 10, 2022

In an ideal world, you’ll never have to fear discrimination in a job interview. Unfortunately, some employers actively prevent certain individuals of different races, genders, sexualities, and ability from working for them. Other employers may not be aware of their discrimination, even as they engage in it.

While some forms of interview discrimination may be obvious, others may slip past you. When you know what signs of discrimination to look for—and how to take action in light of it—you can make the most out of your meetings with California employers. If you believe you’ve been discriminated against during a job interview and you wish to pursue a case, it’s crucial that you get in touch with a California discrimination lawyer from KCNS Law Group as soon as possible.

How to Recognize Interview Discrimination

Interview discrimination can be insidious or straightforward. For example, anyone who makes fun of a person’s mobility aids or denies someone religious accommodations may be accused of direct interview discrimination. The same can be said for an interviewer who pursues invasive questions about your health. However, there are subtler ways an interviewer may discriminate against a potential employee.

While some interviewers express genuine concern for an interviewee’s well-being, this concern can be a ruse designed to learn more about the condition of your health. Other signs of discrimination to watch for include:

  • Questions about your sexuality or gender presentation
  • Refusal to acknowledge questions about workplace conduct
  • Jokes about pronouns or other forms of identification
  • Pressing questions about your ability to become pregnant or have children, if applicable
  • Questions about your religious practices

Anyone who ends an interview upon learning personal information about you may be refusing to give you a position based on their own biases. Employers are not permitted to behave in such a way. This means you may be able to take legal action against an employer engaging in discrimination.

Responding to Interview Discrimination

If you face discriminatory interview questions, the shock of that disrespect may make it difficult for you to effectively react in the moment. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to respond to this mistreatment. To best address interview discrimination, you may be able to take the following action steps:

Leaving a Discriminatory Interview

You do not have to tolerate invasive questions about your personal life or health. If you find that you’re contending with discriminatory questions in an interview, it may be in your best interest to leave that interview as soon as possible. If an interviewer will not respect your privacy during the interview phase, it’s more than likely you’ll face similar treatment as their employee.

Reporting Your Experience With Discrimination

While you may be interviewed by the head of a company, it’s more likely that you’ll attend an interview with a human resources representative. Should you come away from one of these interviews with evidence of discrimination, you should report that behavior to an interviewer’s superior.

When reporting discriminatory behavior, make sure you have concrete examples of the discrimination in question. It’s best to present this information from as neutral a standpoint as possible. You want to do this because you faced a wrong and not as retaliation after not getting the job.

Hold a Party Accountable for Inappropriate Interview Conduct

If you want to take legal action against an employer who engaged in interview discrimination, you can work with civil attorneys. Civil attorneys can bring your claim before a judge and elaborate on the losses you endured due to someone else’s biases. We can then advocate for your financial compensation, if applicable.

The Lawyers at KCNS Law Group Can Defend Your Right to Work

You have the right to apply for and interview with employers who want to take advantage of your experience. If you are denied the right to pursue a job due to interview discrimination, you can take legal action against your interviewers. KCNS Law Group may be able to help you bring your case before a civil judge.

If you want to learn more about your right to a discrimination-free interview, come meet our professionals. You can schedule a free consultation by completing our contact form or calling (818) 937-9255.

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