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  • Published: June 12, 2021

Insurance companies deny workers’ compensation benefits every day. When this happens, you may be left to pay for medical care out of pocket, putting you in a grave financial situation. At the KCNS Law Group, our attorneys provide robust legal representation to those seeking workers’ compensation benefits in California. We will also help you understand why an insurer or employer…Read More

  • Published: June 1, 2021

Workers’ compensation benefits are to help employees who sustained a work-related injury or illness. Many accident victims wonder whether there is a maximum amount of compensation or limits to what treatments they can pursue. Generally, there is no cap on workers’ compensation medical benefits in California as long as you are receiving necessary medical care.  Workers’ compensation benefits can be…Read More

  • Published: May 13, 2021

Workplace injuries can happen in any field or environment. Whether you are working in an office, on a construction site, at a pharmacy, or in a factory, serious injuries can occur if the workplace is not up to certain safety standards. Regardless of where you are employed, you can be subject to accidents on the job. When this happens, you…Read More

  • Published: May 10, 2021

After experiencing an accident in the workplace, many employees rely on the compensation provided by their employer’s insurance company to get the medication and treatment they need. This financial assistance is often crucial for injured workers to pay off their medical bills, but it is also vital for anyone who has experienced a loss of wages as a result of…Read More

  • Published: May 5, 2021

Millions of employees across the United States file workers’ compensation claims every year, especially in California. If you, or someone you know, have been hurt on the job, you may be able to receive financial compensation from your employer’s insurance company. No matter how severe your injuries are, you may be entitled to compensation based on your injuries after experiencing…Read More

  • Published: May 2, 2021

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began over a year ago, thousands of California workers have transitioned to working from home. Work injuries can still happen even when employees are not in the office, and you might be wondering if workers’ compensation benefits extend to injuries you sustain while working remotely. Your ability to obtain this compensation will depend on several factors…Read More

  • Published: April 28, 2021

Experiencing an injury at work can be devastating, especially if the damage is severe. Enduring a slip-and-fall or burning yourself on a piece of equipment can impact you for days or even years. Employers who have insurance for their team may offer workers’ compensation for unexpected accidents so that their employees can pay for medical bills and take time to…Read More

  • Published: April 21, 2021

One of the fastest-growing types of occupational injuries doesn’t involve falling from a ladder, slicing a finger with a saw blade, or really any dramatic incident at all. These days, some of the most common injuries sustained on the job occur gradually over time due to repetitive motion. Musculoskeletal disorders, including repetitive stress injuries, are the most costly category of…Read More

  • Published: April 14, 2021

There are a variety of different jobs and roles which independent contractors fill in California. Fields such as construction, development, landscaping, painting, and many more offer a flexible work schedule in the form of independent contracting. However, many of these positions can be potentially dangerous, so what kind of benefits can an independent contractor receive if they were injured while…Read More

  • Published: April 7, 2021

After experiencing an injury at work, there are a variety of concerns that you may have when it comes to obtaining compensation for damages. However, in California, there are certain circumstances in which you may be ineligible to submit claims related to your workplace injury. If you have recently been hurt for any reason while at your workplace in California,…Read More

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