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If workers’ compensation is not enough, are there other sources of money?

  • Published: September 22, 2017

The bills are piling up. Debt collectors are calling. You and your spouse are constantly on edge. You didn’t ask to be hurt on the job. You work hard–always have–and you give 110 percent to your job. So why is it you are taking the financial hit for a workplace injury?

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that pays lost wages and medical bills if you were hurt while working. But is only goes so far. Sure it is tax-free, but it is also only 60 percent of what you were making before. Your taxes sure never took up 40 percent of your paycheck. In fact, with kids and other deductions, taxes only took up about 15 percent. So why are you losing money from the very place that caused you r injury in the first place?

There is good news

There may, in fact, be other sources of revenue for your injury: a personal injury claim is a lawsuit that covers liability from a person or company that caused or contributed to your injury. Here are a couple of examples:

Do you drive for work? Whether you are a delivery person, or just doing a quick errand for your boss, if you are on the clock and in a car accident, the other driver and insurance company may be liable for your damages. Similarly, if you were driving and you were in an accident because your sightlines were obstructed by a vehicle, that vehicle’s owner could be liable as well.

Are you in sales? Do you make visits to other offices? If you were injured at the other office–for example you fell down some stairs, or slipped on a wet floor–that company may be liable. Do you do in-home visits? If the homeowner had un-cleared icy steps and you fell, that homeowner may be liable for your injury

Are there more ways someone could be liable?

These are just two examples of possible financial compensation available to you. Having an attorney in these cases is very important. Simply relying on your company’s lawyer is not enough. It is always impetrative that you have someone who is working on your behalf–and your behalf alone–when you have been hurt. Talking with an attorney is never a bad idea, and there is no cost for the initial visit.


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